Exploring the Quality and Reputation of Native Instruments: A Comprehensive Review

Native Instruments is a well-known company in the music production industry, known for its high-quality software and hardware products. With a wide range of products that cater to both amateur and professional musicians, it’s no surprise that Native Instruments has become a household name in the world of music production. But the question remains, is Native Instruments a good company? In this comprehensive review, we will explore the quality and reputation of Native Instruments, examining their products, customer service, and overall impact on the music industry. So, let’s dive in and find out what makes Native Instruments stand out from the rest.

Company Overview

Founding and History

Oskar Kreten and Native Instruments

In 1990, Oskar Kreten, a musician and programmer, founded Native Instruments (NI), a company that specializes in the development of innovative music software and hardware. Kreten’s vision was to create tools that would enable musicians and producers to express their creativity and push the boundaries of music production.

Early Years and Product Development

During its early years, Native Instruments focused on developing software that would revolutionize the music production industry. One of its first products was the highly successful “Reaktor,” a platform for creating and manipulating sounds that quickly became a staple in recording studios around the world.

NI continued to innovate with the release of “Kontakt,” a sample player that allowed musicians to create realistic orchestral sounds using samples. This groundbreaking technology earned NI a reputation as a leader in the music software industry.

As the company grew, it expanded its product line to include hardware instruments such as the “Massive” synthesizer and the “Traktor” DJ controller. These products received critical acclaim and helped to establish NI as a leading manufacturer of professional audio equipment.

Today, Native Instruments continues to push the boundaries of music technology with its cutting-edge software and hardware products, earning the trust and admiration of musicians, producers, and audio professionals worldwide.

Company Vision and Mission

Empowering Creativity

At the heart of Native Instruments’ vision is the belief that technology should serve as a tool to enhance human creativity, rather than dictate its terms. This is evident in the company’s relentless pursuit of innovative technologies and intuitive interfaces that allow musicians and producers to focus on their artistic expression, rather than getting bogged down in technical details.

Innovation and Quality

Native Instruments has built its reputation on a commitment to innovation and quality in all aspects of its products and services. From the groundbreaking software and hardware designs that have revolutionized the music production industry, to the exceptional customer support and community engagement that has set the standard for the industry, Native Instruments is dedicated to delivering the best possible experience for its users.

The company’s commitment to quality extends beyond its products and services, however. Native Instruments is also dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation and creativity within the company itself, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible and striving for excellence in all aspects of its operations. This commitment to excellence has earned Native Instruments a reputation as one of the most innovative and respected companies in the music technology industry.

Brand Identity and Reputation

Global Presence and Community

Native Instruments has a strong global presence, with a dedicated community of users and fans worldwide. The company’s products are available in over 60 countries, and they have a network of authorized dealers and distributors that ensure their products reach customers in even the most remote locations. The company’s website is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Critical Acclaim and Awards

Native Instruments has received numerous awards and accolades for their products and innovations. Some of their most notable awards include:

  • Edison Award: In 2019, Native Instruments received an Edison Award for their product “Massive X.” The Edison Awards are one of the most prestigious accolades in the music industry, recognizing excellence in product design and innovation.
  • Musikmesse International Press Award: Native Instruments has won this award multiple times, including in 2019 for their product “Super 8.” This award recognizes the most innovative and groundbreaking products in the music industry.
  • Electronic Musician Editors’ Choice Award: Native Instruments has won this award multiple times, including in 2019 for their product “Maschine+.” This award recognizes the best products in the electronic music industry, as chosen by the editors of Electronic Musician magazine.

These awards and accolades demonstrate Native Instruments’ commitment to innovation and excellence in the music industry. They have established themselves as a leader in the field, with a reputation for producing high-quality, cutting-edge products that meet the needs of both professional musicians and hobbyists alike.

Product Range and Innovation

Key takeaway: Native Instruments is a reputable and innovative company in the music production industry. With a focus on empowering creativity and a commitment to innovation and quality, Native Instruments has established itself as a leader in the field. Its product range includes high-quality hardware instruments and cutting-edge software solutions that meet the needs of both professional musicians and hobbyists alike. Additionally, Native Instruments offers excellent customer support and technical assistance, ensuring a positive experience for its customers.

Hardware Instruments

Komplete Audio Interface Series

Native Instruments’ Komplete Audio Interface Series is a range of high-quality audio interfaces designed to provide musicians and producers with the best possible sound quality. These interfaces offer a range of features, including high-resolution audio, low-latency performance, and a variety of input and output options. The series includes the Komplete Audio 6, Komplete Audio 19, and Komplete Audio 37, each designed to meet the needs of different users.

Maschine Music Production System

The Maschine Music Production System is a powerful hardware instrument that combines the functionality of a drum machine, a synthesizer, and a sampler in one device. Maschine allows users to create and perform music on the fly, with a range of features including a 16-pad drum sampler, a built-in sequencer, and a range of synthesis and effect options. Maschine is a popular choice for producers and musicians who want to create complex, electronic music without the need for a computer.

Digitakt Drum Computers

Native Instruments’ Digitakt Drum Computers are a range of high-quality drum machines that offer a range of features, including a powerful step sequencer, a range of sample-based and synthesized drum sounds, and a range of effect options. Digitakt is designed to be easy to use, with a simple interface that allows users to create complex drum patterns in minutes. The range includes the Digitakt MK1 and Digitakt MK2, each designed to meet the needs of different users.

Software Instruments

Komplete Music Production Suite

Native Instruments’ Komplete Music Production Suite is a comprehensive software solution for music producers and composers. The suite includes a range of instruments, effects, and tools that cover every aspect of music production. Komplete provides users with access to a vast library of sounds, including acoustic instruments, synthesizers, and drums.

One of the standout features of Komplete is its integration with popular digital audio workstations (DAWs) such as Ableton Live and Logic Pro. This integration allows users to seamlessly incorporate Native Instruments’ software instruments and effects into their workflow. Additionally, Komplete offers a range of customization options, allowing users to tailor their sounds to their specific needs.

Reaktor Modular Sound Design Platform

Reaktor is a modular sound design platform that allows users to create custom instruments and effects. The platform is highly customizable, with a range of modules that can be combined to create unique sounds. Reaktor is a powerful tool for sound designers and producers looking to create custom instruments and effects.

One of the key benefits of Reaktor is its flexibility. The platform can be used to create a wide range of sounds, from classic synthesizers to experimental soundscapes. Additionally, Reaktor is highly modular, allowing users to create complex patches by combining multiple modules.

Overall, Native Instruments’ software instruments are highly regarded in the music production community. Komplete and Reaktor offer users a range of tools and options for creating high-quality sounds, making them an essential part of any music production setup.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Native Instruments has formed strategic collaborations and partnerships with several prominent companies in the music industry, further enhancing the quality and reputation of its products. These partnerships have resulted in the development of innovative solutions and seamless integration between different software and hardware platforms. The following are some notable collaborations and partnerships of Native Instruments:

Native Instruments and Ableton Live

One of the most significant collaborations for Native Instruments is with Ableton Live, a popular digital audio workstation (DAW) used by musicians, producers, and live performers worldwide. This partnership has led to the development of a range of instruments and effects specifically designed for Ableton Live, such as the Guitar Rig and Massive, which are highly regarded for their versatility and sound quality. The seamless integration between Native Instruments’ products and Ableton Live has enabled users to access a vast array of high-quality sounds and effects, contributing to the overall success of both companies.

Native Instruments and iZotope

Another notable partnership for Native Instruments is with iZotope, a leading company in the development of audio processing software. This collaboration has resulted in the integration of iZotope’s award-winning audio processing technologies within Native Instruments’ products, providing users with access to a wide range of high-quality effects and tools. For example, the Ozone module, part of the Komplete Bundle, allows users to analyze, process, and master their audio material with greater precision and control. This integration has not only improved the quality of Native Instruments’ products but has also helped to elevate the reputation of both companies within the audio industry.

These collaborations and partnerships with Ableton Live and iZotope exemplify Native Instruments’ commitment to providing the best possible solutions for music creators, further contributing to the company’s reputation for quality and innovation.

User Experience and Support

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

Online Communities and Forums

Native Instruments has a strong presence in online communities and forums, where customers can share their experiences and seek help from other users. These platforms provide valuable insights into the company’s products and services. Many users have expressed their satisfaction with the quality and functionality of Native Instruments’ offerings, citing the intuitive interface and user-friendly design as key factors in their positive experiences. Additionally, users often praise the company’s commitment to continuous improvement, with regular updates and new features being welcomed by the community.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

In addition to online communities, customer reviews and testimonials provide further insight into the customer satisfaction and feedback regarding Native Instruments. A large number of reviews highlight the high-quality sound and user-friendly interface of the company’s products. Customers also appreciate the wide range of sounds and features available, as well as the seamless integration with other software and hardware. Many users also mention the excellent customer support they have received from Native Instruments, with prompt and helpful responses to inquiries and issues. Overall, the customer reviews suggest that Native Instruments is highly regarded by its customers, with a reputation for producing high-quality products and providing excellent support.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Online Knowledge Base and Resources

Native Instruments provides a comprehensive online knowledge base and resources for its customers. This includes product manuals, tutorials, and troubleshooting guides. The website is well-organized, making it easy for users to find the information they need. Additionally, the company regularly updates the resources to ensure that customers have access to the latest information.

Email and Phone Support

Native Instruments offers email and phone support to its customers. The email support team is quick to respond and provides helpful solutions to any issues customers may be experiencing. Similarly, the phone support team is knowledgeable and friendly, making it easy for customers to get the help they need. Overall, the customer service and technical support provided by Native Instruments is top-notch, ensuring that customers have a positive experience with the company’s products.

Competitor Comparison and Market Position

Major Competitors in the Music Tech Industry

In the music technology industry, there are several major competitors that offer software and hardware solutions for music production and audio processing. In this section, we will examine some of the most prominent competitors to Native Instruments, including Ableton Live, FL Studio, and Logic Pro X.

Ableton Live

Ableton Live is a digital audio workstation (DAW) that has gained significant popularity among musicians and producers in recent years. Developed by Ableton, the software offers a unique workflow that focuses on live performance and improvisation, in addition to traditional music production. Some of the key features of Ableton Live include its flexible session view, which allows users to perform and manipulate multiple loops and samples in real-time, and its extensive library of instruments and effects.

FL Studio

FL Studio, formerly known as FruityLoops, is another popular DAW that has been widely used by electronic music producers for over two decades. Developed by Image-Line, the software offers a comprehensive set of tools for music production, including a wide range of synthesizers, drum machines, and effect plugins. FL Studio is known for its user-friendly interface and its ability to handle a wide range of music genres, from hip-hop and EDM to rock and pop.

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is a professional digital audio workstation developed by Apple Inc. for macOS. The software is widely used by music producers, audio engineers, and composers for recording, editing, and mixing music. Logic Pro X offers a comprehensive set of tools for music production, including a wide range of instruments, effects, and editing features. The software also includes a built-in sampler, drum machine, and virtual instrument plugins, as well as support for third-party plugins and audio interfaces.

In conclusion, these major competitors in the music technology industry offer a range of software and hardware solutions for music production and audio processing. While each of these competitors has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, they all offer powerful tools for musicians and producers to create and record music.

Market Share and Industry Impact

Native Instruments’ Impact on the Music Tech Industry

Native Instruments has had a significant impact on the music technology industry since its inception in 1999. The company has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible with music technology, developing innovative software and hardware products that have helped shape the industry. From its early days as a pioneer in digital audio workstations (DAWs) to its current position as a leading provider of music production tools, Native Instruments has left an indelible mark on the music tech world.

One of the key factors that has contributed to Native Instruments’ success is its commitment to quality. The company has consistently produced high-quality software and hardware products that have earned the respect of music producers and musicians around the world. Whether it’s the highly accurate emulations of classic synthesizers or the cutting-edge features of its Maschine controller, Native Instruments has consistently delivered products that meet the needs of its customers.

Native Instruments’ Future Outlook

Looking to the future, Native Instruments is well-positioned to continue its growth and innovation in the music technology industry. With a strong portfolio of products and a loyal customer base, the company is poised to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. Whether it’s exploring new markets or developing new technologies, Native Instruments is committed to staying at the forefront of the music tech industry.

In conclusion, Native Instruments has made a significant impact on the music technology industry, thanks to its commitment to quality and innovation. With a strong market position and a bright future outlook, the company is well-positioned to continue its growth and success in the years to come.

Native Instruments vs. Competitors: Features and Pricing Comparison

Feature Comparison: Komplete Audio Interface vs. Focusrite Scarlett

In comparing the features of Native Instruments’ Komplete Audio Interface and Focusrite Scarlett, it is evident that both offer a comprehensive suite of tools for musicians and producers. The Komplete Audio Interface provides a seamless integration with Native Instruments’ software, such as the Komplete Kontrol software and the Native Instruments hardware. It offers a simple, user-friendly design, making it easy to navigate and control. On the other hand, the Focusrite Scarlett is known for its high-quality preamps, offering a more transparent and natural sound. It also has a wider range of input and output options, making it suitable for a more diverse range of recording situations.

Feature Comparison: Maschine Mk3 vs. Akai MPC Live

The Maschine Mk3 and Akai MPC Live are both popular hardware controllers for music production, but they differ in their features and functionality. The Maschine Mk3 has a more comprehensive software suite, including the Maschine software and Native Instruments’ Komplete library. It also offers a more intuitive and user-friendly design, with a large touch screen and a multitude of assignable knobs and buttons. The Akai MPC Live, on the other hand, is a more stripped-down controller, focusing more on the hardware and physical controls. It has a more minimalist design, with a smaller touch screen and fewer assignable controls. However, it is also known for its durability and ruggedness, making it a popular choice for live performances.

Pricing Comparison: Komplete Ultimate vs. Ableton Live Packs

When comparing the pricing of Native Instruments’ Komplete Ultimate and Ableton Live Packs, it is evident that both offer a comprehensive suite of tools for music production. The Komplete Ultimate is a more comprehensive package, including over 130 instruments and effects, as well as the Komplete Kontrol software and Native Instruments hardware. It is priced at a higher cost, but it offers a more extensive range of tools and features. Ableton Live Packs, on the other hand, are more focused on the software side of music production, offering a suite of instruments and effects specifically designed for use with Ableton Live. They are priced at a lower cost, but they may not offer the same range of tools and features as the Komplete Ultimate.

Final Verdict: Is Native Instruments a Good Company?

After evaluating the various aspects of Native Instruments, including their product quality, customer service, pricing, and reputation in the industry, it is evident that they are a company worth considering for music production needs. While they may not be perfect, their strengths certainly outweigh their weaknesses.

The Pros and Cons of Choosing Native Instruments

  • Pros:
    • Wide range of high-quality digital audio workstations (DAWs) and software instruments that cater to various music production styles and preferences.
    • Consistent updates and improvements to their products, ensuring that users have access to the latest features and technologies.
    • Strong focus on user experience and ease of use, making their products accessible to both beginners and professionals.
    • Established reputation in the industry, collaborating with renowned artists and institutions to enhance their credibility.
    • Active community and user support, providing valuable resources and feedback for product development.
  • Cons:
    • Pricing can be considered relatively high compared to some competitors, although the value for money is generally recognized.
    • Some users may find the learning curve for certain products to be steep, requiring significant time and effort to master.
    • Occasional technical issues or compatibility problems, which can be resolved with customer support assistance.

Factors to Consider Before Making a Decision

Before deciding to invest in Native Instruments products, it is essential to consider factors such as personal preferences, budget, and the specific requirements of your music production needs. Here are some key considerations:

  • Evaluate your requirements: Assess the type of music you produce and the tools you need to create your desired sound.
  • Compare pricing and value: Weigh the cost of Native Instruments products against alternative options, considering the long-term value and potential resale value.
  • Research and try demos: Explore user reviews, watch tutorials, and try demos to get a better understanding of the products’ capabilities and limitations.
  • Assess compatibility: Ensure that Native Instruments products are compatible with your existing equipment and software setup.

The Bottom Line: A Thorough Assessment of Native Instruments’ Quality and Reputation

In conclusion, Native Instruments is a reputable and high-quality company in the music production industry. They offer a diverse range of innovative products that cater to various musical styles and preferences. While there may be some drawbacks, the overall positive aspects of their products and services make them a strong contender for those seeking to enhance their music production experience.


1. What is Native Instruments?

Native Instruments is a German company that produces software and hardware for music production and DJing. Their products include digital audio workstations (DAWs), virtual instruments, effects plugins, and hardware controllers.

2. What kind of products does Native Instruments offer?

Native Instruments offers a wide range of products for music production and DJing, including software and hardware. Their software products include digital audio workstations (DAWs), virtual instruments, and effects plugins. Their hardware products include controllers, sound cards, and other audio interfaces.

3. How is the quality of Native Instruments’ products?

Native Instruments is known for producing high-quality products that are reliable and easy to use. Their software and hardware are widely used by professional musicians, producers, and DJs, and are considered to be some of the best in the industry.

4. Is Native Instruments a good company?

Native Instruments is generally considered to be a good company in the music production and DJing industry. They have a reputation for producing high-quality products, and they are known for their innovation and commitment to technology. Many users have had positive experiences with their products and customer service.

5. What do customers think of Native Instruments’ products?

Customers generally have positive things to say about Native Instruments’ products. They are often praised for their ease of use, quality, and innovation. Some users have reported issues with technical support and customer service, but overall, Native Instruments is considered to be a reliable and trustworthy company in the industry.

6. How does Native Instruments compare to other companies in the industry?

Native Instruments is considered to be one of the top companies in the music production and DJing industry. They are known for their innovative products and high-quality technology, and are often compared favorably to other industry leaders such as Ableton and Roland.

7. Are Native Instruments’ products expensive?

Native Instruments’ products can range in price from relatively affordable to quite expensive, depending on the product and its features. However, many users feel that the quality and innovation of their products justifies the cost.

8. Where can I buy Native Instruments’ products?

Native Instruments’ products are available for purchase through their website, as well as through authorized dealers and retailers. You can also find them on online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

9. Does Native Instruments offer a warranty on their products?

Yes, Native Instruments offers a warranty on their products. The length of the warranty varies depending on the product, but it is typically for a period of one to three years. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, but it does not cover damage caused by misuse or accidents.

10. How does Native Instruments’ customer service compare to other companies in the industry?

Native Instruments’ customer service is generally considered to be good, but not exceptional. Some users have reported issues with slow response times and unhelpful support, while others have had positive experiences with knowledgeable and helpful representatives. Overall, Native Instruments’ customer service is considered to be average compared to other companies in the industry.


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